E.C.H.O. – The Extreme Combat Heroics Operatives

The newest supergroup to register with BRINCS, ECHO was organized by Jack Daniels and Mr. Huge himself. The reason for this is somewhat of an unknown, though Jack has his own goals in mind for the team.

The team is composed of:

Jack Daniels, clever man of mystery and gadgets.

The Interceptor, genius physicist and pilot of an advanced combat/recon suit.

Mimic, an unknown woman capable of taking on the form of any living thing.

Dr. Anima, sage philosopher and wielder of the power to grant life to the inanimate.

Prime, the man cursed with no past, blessed with a superhuman mind and body.

On their first day as inductees into BRINCS, the members of ECHO find themselves framed for murder. And not just murder, high treason! Can they prove their innocence that they might have a chance to attain the glory they are destined for?


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