Mr. Huge

The most popular superhero and PotUS the world has ever known, Mr. Huge's influence can be felt in the lives of every superhero. But has his legacy come to an end?


Mr. Huge’s name defines his presense. He is larger by far than any other man he might find himself standing next to, and this is scientific fact!

With unknown origins and no private identity to speak of, Mr. Huge is certainly an enigmatic figure. Or is that “was”? Broadcast on national television, Mr. Huge’s apparent assassination shocked the world. What shocked out heroes even more, however, was the video showing the assassination being performed by one of ECHO’s own: Jack Daniels!

Only time will tell if the Interceptor’s suspicions that his death is a ruse are true, or if the world will need an individual, or group of individuals, to step into a rather HUGE pair of shoes.


Known History

To completely disclose every tidbit and fact about Mr. Huge would take many huge volumes of text. Currently there is a team of historians, biographers, journalists, and bloggers attempting to do just that. In light of this, a quick summary:

Since his appearance in the world 1973, Mr. Huge has saved the world from certain destruction several times over, ended Communism, and cured War. He has quite literally redefined what the word “Superhero” means through countless acts of valor, bravery, and selflessness.

Mr. Huge has been the hugest spokesman for BRINCS since its creation by Ronald Reagan, and worked tirelessly with the former President to build an organization that would live up to his noble ideals. He served as its Director and the public liason with the world until he was elected President of the United States of North America in 2016. Using his wild popularity with both the left and right, and his sterling reputation worldwide as its literal savior several times over, he accomplished many great things and moved significantly towards uniting the world under a banner of peace.

Mr. Huge was assassinated on March 11th, 2019, in the third year of his first term as President.

Mr. Huge

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