The Alchemist

Former member of BRINCS and current FRINGE operative, the Alchemist may pose a formidable threat for our heroes.


Current Events

The Alchemist, a former BRINCS operative who had his private identity expunged from public record, is now a member of FRINGE and quite possibly the master-mind behind the framing of ECHO for the murder of Mr. Huge.

ECHO’s investigation of the murder of the president points to the Alchemist as having taken information from each member of ECHO that could quite possibly be used to slay the most formidable superhero ever known!

It also seems that the Alchemist has once again taken up a private identity, Alistair Lexington, and insinuated himself as a research scientist at the University of America, in the same department as Clarice Steelhart, better known as the Interceptor! Is he aware that he works alongside the member of ECHO? Has he set her up? What is with all those needy voicemails on Clarice’s answering machine? History shall tell us these answers and more!


Known History

The Alchemist is one of the most infamous members of FRINGE and sits comfortably at the number six slot on the BRINCS Top Ten Most Wanted Supervillains list. It is known that he is one of the primary sources of funding that FRINGE enjoys, for he can change any object into gold. Economists worldwide feel the hairs on their necks stand on end when his name is mentioned, for it is a fear that he would decide to use his limitless wealth to destabilize and fracture the world’s economy.

It is known that The Alchemist is strictly a non-lethal villain, for he has never turned his powers against someone in a way that resulted in death. For this reason many troubled nations appeal to what they see as a modern day Robin Hood, but to this date it is not known if he has heeded such calls.

A master of disguise, The Alchemist has never been seen without his trademark ballroom black mask, and nearly always appears in some variety of tailed tuxedo, usually with top hat and cane. His prodigious leaping and unnatural quickness give many the belief that he is not just a master of Transmutation, but a capable athlete as well.

The Alchemist

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