Lance Uppercut

A ranking BRINCS investigator, Lance Uppercut seems unconvinced that ECHO did not perpetrate the world's most heinous crime.


Current Events

Lance has only shown up once or twice so far in ECHO’s admittedly brief superhero existence. Gazing at largely unfazed figures through prison bars and super-science capable of nullifying all of ECHO’s superpowers, Mr. Uppercut seemed sure of the fate they would meet.

That is, until ECHO was released on a rather large bail. Now capable of investigating on their own, ECHO may at last prove to Lance Uppercut, and the rest of the world, their innocence.


Known History

Lance Uppercut is the retired/rehired super gumshoe of BRINCS. Famously grizzled, he has an unparalleled ability to crack cases, rescue dames, and rough up wiseguys. Though he has registered himself as a Super, it is unknown what his powers are except maybe the fact that his entire life story reads like a Noir short story.

Lance retired not too long ago, citing a desire to get out of the dangerous streets and out of the cross-hairs of increasingly more and more powerful Supers, and behind a comfy desk in a comfy chair in a cozy office, with a nice, big, fat pension. BRINCS, honoring all of his service, summarily granted his request.

Lance currently serves in the Special Supercrimes and Investigations branch of BRINCS, in a leadership, supervisory and administrative capacity. His paycheck is quite large, which suits him just fine.

Lance Uppercut

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