The Story Thus Far
After a two sessions

The heroes finally met on the appointed hour at the appointed place, ready to begin their careers in the world of B.R.I.N.C.S.. Jack was oddly absent at first, but when they received their first assignment, “Wait in the cafeteria until President Huge arrives to start everything,” Mimic ran off citing that she suddenly remembered something. Not long after, Jack arrived. Around that time, news that rocked the world became known: President Huge was dead, assassinated.

Shocked, the group (or what remained of it) each came around into recounting the various ways in which their lives and careers as heroes were personally touched by the World’s Hugest Hero. As each story unfolded, it became clear that none of the heroes was exempt from the fact that the President had a direct hand in where they were and who they were at that moment.

It was not long after that the news became all the more shocking: there was video of the assassination, and it clearly showed Jack Daniels, the man who brought the group together, killing President Huge with a strange device, and then disappearing behind the curtains in the news room. As every eye in the Super-only cafe slowly turned on the group, it became apparent that something was definitely afoot.

Much later, in their shared prison cell, with their suits and powers neutralized and their possessions confiscated, they began to deliberate. Had Jack done it? He claimed innocence, but with a nonchalance that troubled the rest of the group. Mimic was still missing. Could have Jack done it? Everybody shrugged, more or less not even sure who it would be that would set them up. The suspicion that this was a test was strong in the group of heroes.

Eventually the hearts and minds of ECHO (Extreme Combat Hero Operatives) turned towards proving themselves innocent. Debate raged. They almost didn’t notice when a BRINCS representative arrived and introduced himself as Lance Uppercut, Super Gumshoe of BRINCS, explained the dire situation, and gave them some helpful advice: due to the complex nature of Private Identity Law and the controversial aspect involved with having federally funded costumed vigilantes, the law basically stated that they more or less were going to be tried as a group. Apparently, in the fine print of their application, the legal status of any Supergroup is akin to a corporation: a unique identity, considered an individual in the eyes of the law rather than a group of individuals! This did not bode well for the heroes. Truly, they either failed or succeeded as a group, together.

They discussed things further, becoming more analytical as they remembered specific clues to what it was about them that made them key targets to frame for high treason, murder, and conspiracy. Gradually they came to understand that each of them had specific talents, unique in their own way, that could be used to carry out the assassination. Perhaps the most chilling of realizations for the heroes was that, indeed, given their skill sets and powers, they could have killed President Huge himself…

They received another visit from Lance Uppercut, who explained that bail had been posted. A rather substantial, impressive bail. Anonymously. (GM’s note: I am aware that in session I said that Bail was posted due to the law’s dictation. I am changing this. I forgot a key piece of information made it necessary that bail be posted, and it not be known by whom. Sorry for the retcon.) Although they were technically free, it was advised they move under disguise or under the cover of their secret identities in order to protect themselves from the vengeful, mourning world.

Free to gather clues and build their case, they began investigating their private homes. In each home, in turn, small things were missing, changed, or awry. Specific items were suspiciously out of place, in such a way that pointed at them being framed by one individual. They recruited the help of a BRINCS master detective, The InvenTory, who came to the conclusion that this could only be the work of his arch nemesis, former BRINCS member, and infamous, high-profile Super criminal and FRINGE member, The Alchemist!

The investigation turned from proving their innocence, towards discovering more about this enigmatic individual. With a certain leap of intellectual deduction, a little dishonest rifling, and some forensic super science, the ultimate truth of The Alchemist was discovered: his name was Alastair Lexington, he worked in the same office as The Interceptor, and he was seemingly unaware he worked in the same office as one of the members of the group that it appeared he had a hand in framing.

Some members emboldened by this knowledge, some shaken, the heroes resolved themselves. With a keen eye for detail, one truth would prevail…

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